PCR Test Cost Support..CEO Chun Jong-yoon Leads the Effort to End Covid-19
PCR Test Cost Support..CEO Chun Jong-yoon Leads the Effort to End Covid-19
  • Kim Sun, Reporter
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Seegene will “promote early testing of asymptomatic cases in hospitals and schools around the world.”

Seegene is stepping forward to spread the ‘everyday life PCR tests’. It is leading the effort to detect and distinguish Covid-19, flu and cold accurately in an attempt for the early end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 has been settled as a ‘global endemic’, and many countries loosen quarantine measures such as social distancing and mask wearing. Thus, experts predict Covid-19 will spread again this summer, and flu and cold, which had been supressed thanks to the last 2 years’ prevention measures, will increase as before after autumn.

In addition, it is pointed out that if the number of tests is reduced, it may lead to another pandemic because it is difficult to detect the occurrence of variants or transmission patterns.

Under these circumstances, Seegene CEO Chun Jong-yoon thought the everyday life PCR testing is the best way to end Covid-19 early. Seegene will promote the campaigns to suppress the spread of infection through early testing of asymptomatic individuals, diagnose respiratory viruses simultaneously with syndromic testing, and reduce the burden of PCR testing.

First, Seegene will begin a campaign that targets group facilities such as schools, churches, kindergartens and nursing homes, together with hospitals and testing institutions around the world.

The main target is asymptomatic individuals.

This is because asymptomatic individuals should be able to judge themselves and take regular tests without a doctor's diagnosis in order to prevent the spread of infection to the local community. A study showed that over 60% of infections of Covid-19 were from asymptomatic or early infected people.

Due to the change of quarantine policy, the cost of voluntary PCR tests must be borne by individuals. However, many people are hesitant because of the high cost of the PCR test, even if they want to take it.

Seegene, along with hospitals and testing institutions around the world, will launch a campaign to make PCR testing affordable for everyone at about $12.

Seegene CEO Chun Jong-yoon said, “We need to end COVID-19 by spreading everyday life PCR tests and prevent new pandemics in the future,” adding, "We plan to actively provide various support to countries and institutions participating in the campaign.”

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