Oh Youngkeyoung of Bayer Consumer Health, “We Should End Vaginismus Shame”
Oh Youngkeyoung of Bayer Consumer Health, “We Should End Vaginismus Shame”
  • Cho Pil Hyun, Staff Reporter
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Conducting ‘Canesten Easy’ campaign

Bayer Korea's Consumer Health Division launches 'Canesten Easy' campaign to improve awareness of vaginismus in women.

The campaign is planned to share accurate information on candidal vaginitis, which affects three out of four women at least once in their lifetime.

The campaign features friendly characters to overcome stigma and awareness barriers and uses intuitive copies such as "I don't know," "I'm ashamed," and "I'm just afraid" to make it easy for women in their 20s and 30s to relate to the prevention and treatment of vaginismus.

Various events on social media platforms are also held, in which users can receive emoticons on a first-come first-served basis through the official KakaoTalk channel.

Ms. Oh Youngkeyoung, head of the Consumer Health Division (pictured), said, "The Canesten campaign aims to reach out to women in a more approachable manner by utilizing various social media channels and setting up a character as the narrator, in order to resolve their vague feelings of shame and fear about vaginismus".

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