First Dosing to Patients in ‘Pexa-vec’ Australian Phase 2 Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial
First Dosing to Patients in ‘Pexa-vec’ Australian Phase 2 Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial
  • Cho Pil Hyun, Staff Reporter
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Sillajen. “Patient safety and efficacy to be confirmed”

Sillajen announced on June 1 that it has completed dosing the first patient cohort in an ongoing clinical trial of its oncolytic viral therapy ‘Pexa-vec’ in prostate cancer in Australia.

According to the company, a clinical trial of ‘the Neoadjuvant Study of Intratumoral and Intravenous Pexastimogene Devacirepvec (Pexa-Vec) in Prostate Cancer Prior to Radical Prostatectomy is in progress with the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia.

Recently, the first dosing to patients has been completed.

The clinical trial is conducted in three cohorts, all of which will receive the same dose of 1x109 PFU of Pexa-vec. However, 10 subjects in each cohort will be enrolled with different dosing schedules and administration methods, totaling 30 subjects.

Cohort 1 patients will receive a single dose of Pexa-vec to the prostate using an MRI guided injection at least 4 weeks prior to radical prostatectomy.

Cohort 2 patients will receive two MRI-guided doses of Pexa-vec to the prostate 2 weeks apart, and those in Cohort 3 will receive two intravenous doses 1 week apart.

An official from Sillajen said, "The purpose of this clinical trial is to determine if Pexa-vec is a safe and useful treatment for patients with prostate cancer as a preoperative therapy. We hope that Pexa-vec preoperative therapy can improve the prognosis of patients with prostate cancer."

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