Developing a global market for anti-cancer solutions and creating infinite possibilities
Developing a global market for anti-cancer solutions and creating infinite possibilities
  • Kang Hye-Won, Reporter
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[Jowin, a Korean cancer treatment venture company]
A business agreement for the joint development of anti-cancer food between Jowin Co., Ltd., and the Korean Medical Women's Association (Baek Hyun-wook, Chairman of the Korean Medical Women's Association, Right) Kim Soo-hyun, Chairman of Jowin
A business agreement for the joint development of anti-cancer food between Jowin Co., Ltd., and the Korean Medical Women's Association (Baek Hyun-wook, Chairman of the Korean Medical Women's Association, Left) Kim Soo-hyun, Chairman of Jowin.

Although modern technology has advanced to the point that we can transplant organs and launch rockets into space, cancer is still the No. 1 and No. 2 leading cause of death worldwide, and the number of cancer patients is increasing every year. In the case of stage 4 and terminal cancer, the survival rate is extremely low, but Jowin, a Korean cancer treatment venture company, is taking on the challenge of treating cancer patients who have been abandoned by modern medicine.

There are over 200 million cancer patients worldwide, while in Korea alone, a new case is diagnosed every two minutes and someone dies from the disease every 6 minutes and 30 seconds. So how is a Korean bio-venture company able to take on the challenges of refractory cancer and incurable cancer, which are difficult even for global pharmaceutical companies to treat?

Since ancient times, Korea has relied on its traditional medicine, oriental medicine, and nowadays, there are more than 10,000 oriental medicine hospitals and clinics. There are very few places in the world where traditional medicine stands shoulder to shoulder with modern medicine. This is because the treatment effects are excellent and have been verified by the public, but it is true that oriental medicine does not shine in the field of cancer treatment.

However, Jowin Co., Ltd., has succeeded in developing a traditional cancer treatment used in oriental medicine into a natural anticancer drug based on an edible mineral called "UNBIJE," and has already subjected it to several years of clinical trials. Sericite, the main ingredient of the drug, is non-toxic and has no side effects, and is a proven traditional natural herbal medicine that has been prescribed for cancer-related symptoms for thousands of years.

Recently, a number of hospitals have introduced UNBIJE for anticancer treatment, and it is widely administered to cancer patients with stage 1 to stage 3 cancer as well as stage 4 and terminal cancer.

UNBIJEs is a non-toxic bio-pharmaceutical that has the effect of enhancing immunity by alleviating the side effects of anticancer drugs in addition to treating cancer. Its efficacy has already been proven through hundreds of cancer patients, and formal IRB clinical preparations are underway for entering the global market.

In order to enhance cancer treatment effects, Jowin is producing anticancer mineral water under its own brand by researching and developing not only natural anticancer drugs, but also the food and water ingested by cancer patients, and it plans to launch anticancer food soon. To this end, the company signed an agreement with the Korean Medical Women's Association in July to conduct joint research and development of anticancer foods.

Jowin already has a lineup of nutritional supplements and other products for stress relief of cancer patients, and is now making a leap forward as a total care company for cancer patients.

Dr. Yoo Yeon-jeong, a doctor of medicine and the CEO of Jowin, said, "Cancer is a disease that is difficult to treat with one or two drugs or methods, so Jowin is providing various solutions for cancer patients." He added, “We supply personal thermotherapy medical devices that can be used at home, and we will continue to contribute to cancer treatment and improvements in the quality of life of cancer patients through combination with not only physical therapy but also psychological therapy.”

Jowin is also developing a psychological treatment system for cancer patients, because stress a major cause of cancer and controlling the mind is a decisive factor in cancer treatment outcomes. To this end, it signed an agreement with a Korean hospital that is famous for providing psychotherapy to cancer patients, and it will begin live online lectures for cancer patients this month through ZOOM. As such, Jowin is not only trying to reduce the incidence of cancer and increase survival rates, it is also trying to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Based on its accumulated expertise and results, data collection for cancer patients is being systematized, and the development of digital therapeutics specialized for cancer is underway in close cooperation with related companies.

Jowin is now preparing to enter the global market with this kind of a total treatment and care system for cancer patients, and is looking for partners in each country. Once a partner is selected in a given country, the system built by Jowin in Korea can be established to develop projects for patients with refractory and incurable cancer.

Due to the severe side effects of modern standard medical treatment and results that often fall short of expectations, many cancer patients have turned to alternative medicines as another option. However, many of these alternative medicine therapies are unverified and have been difficult to trust. In this situation, it is expected that Jowin's new attempt at cancer treatment based on oriental medicine will create a new market for proven alternative medicines.

To this end, Jowin has already completed animal testing for UNBIJE with the National University of Medicine in Korea, has verified the cancer treatment effect through cancer cells, and is preparing to publish a paper. Following the publication of the paper, there are plans for medical tours for incurable cancer patients from around the world, and alliances have already been formed with various cancer hospitals in Korea.

Such scientific and medical verification is expected to accelerate global expansion. In addition, while UNBIJE is a natural anticancer drug considered an oriental medicine in Korea, it belongs to the category of edible minerals or herbs in other countries, so there would be no difficulty in exporting it.

Chairman Kim Soo-hyun, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Jowin, said, “I am certain that Jowin’s total solution for cancer treatment will become a new paradigm in the cancer treatment market where modern medicine has failed.” He added, “We expect these Jowin cancer treatment solutions to spread around the world on the tailwind of K-Media.”

Jowin, which is showing unlimited growth potential in the huge cancer prevention and treatment industry, received a valuation of over $1 billion in unicorn company valuations from accounting firms and asset management companies last year, and is planning to proceed with pre-IPO funding for company listing in the near future. Many medical doctors and oriental medicine doctors have already joined as shareholders, and based on the active support of these medical experts and cancer patients, the company has been able to grow without seeking investment from professional investment institutions.

After listing, it is also preparing to establish the Jowin Cancer Treatment Foundation (JCF), which aims to help cancer patients who are financially and mentally in need and to support their families.

Just as the Korean Wave has recently hit the global market, much attention is focused on the impact that Jowin's integrated cancer treatment solution, which combines psychotherapy for cancer patients and anticancer foods, will have around the world. **

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